Since I barely slept last night, I got all of the charity auction items arranged, wrapped, tied up beautifully, and delivered… SOOOOOO MUCH CURLING RIBBON, UGH. 

I went and found some more rose bushes on the cheap, so I planted a total of 12 instead of the 7 I initially thought I was going to plant. (They will provide a nice contrast of height and color in my front landscaping beds.)

I ran errands for my boss. (How someone who has been out of town for a week can have so many urgent errands even when he’s not coming back for several more days is an utter mystery to me.)

I also did another massive load of laundry, and went to a nice dinner with mom before advising her on where she should plant new stuff to replace the plants that winter thoroughly ravaged and decimated.

I did not get started on my art projects, but I did consult with Kiki and she provided the feedback on ideas I needed in order to get started in earnest.

The next couple of days will consist of more landscaping nonsense, certainly more laundry, going through my closets for a BIG spring purge, hopefully making some art, going through all my old apartment stuff and gathering some of the necessities for the kid sister, and if I’m lucky, some sleep.

I’m going to need so much caffeine to get through the rest of this week.